Airbus computer and electrical problems

Whoops! From Aviation Week

According to a bulletin issued by the U.K. Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB), an electrical fault led to a series of display and control problems. These included the intermittent failure of both pilots’ electronic displays and the uncommanded application of left rudder trim.  [..] The crew also reported hearing “chattering” from the circuit breaker panels. During the incident the crew flew the A321 manually, referring to the standby instruments which continued tofunction normally. The problem was rectified after the crew switched off the No. 1 generator in response to an ‘ELEC GEN 1 FAULT’ message on the Airbus’s ECAM warning display, says the AAIB. The cause has been traced to an electrical problem and the AAIB says that Airbus indicates that a reset of the Flight Augmentation Computer, caused by an electrical power interruption, can result in incremental offsets in rudder trim.