The ultimate snarky geeky Sun FAIL post

Well, it seems our friends at Sun have decided that their Spicetm Enhanced brains are completely sufficient to create an entirely new – but far simpler, mind you – module system for the JDK.  Mark “I’m just a simple Guild Navigator” Reinhold has spent a number of blog posts doing the electronic equivalent of the Dance of the Seven Veils, culminating with revealing the aptly named Project Jigsaw. (from “Hal”).

Ok, so a barely disguised (“Emerald City” plus “House Harkonnen” – what part of XXXwood City could that be in ?)  snarky insider post on an absolutely classical dumb Sun move is now topical enough to reference. And it combines utter snarkiness with completely geeky references to a horrible sci-fi book and it is written by someone who calls himself “Hal”. Perfecto!

This reminds me of how years ago “L” who once worked for Sun calls up friends in the file system group to explain that tests are showing Solaris file system operation 4 or 5 times slower than Linux. Responses range from incredulity to boredom, but do not include anything as humble as “we can download and test”. Because customers are going to be so grateful for the brilliance of the core group, that minor crap like performance won’t make any difference.